My current representational work focuses on vivid landscapes of places close to home in
Southern California as well as places that I have experienced during recent travels
abroad.  Growing up on the Central California coast instilled in me a compelling need to
record the beauty of the landscape.  The cycles observed in nature are also true cycles
observed in life.  I am attempting to convey the beauty and lastingness of the landscape
as an important part of California contemporary painting.  My abstract work focuses on
capturing the essence of a place, feeling or an idea that comes from deep within me.

I always start a representational painting by studying its subject matter.  I am fascinated by
finding perfection in imperfect things.  I love working in oil paint due to it’s richness in color
saturation, and the ability it has to provide lustrous hues.  

The materials I use in my larger works are gallery wrapped style stretched canvas and oil
paint that is rich in pigment:oil ratio.  I use the color generously, allowing the brush strokes
to enhance the texture of my paintings.  I strive to maintain the organic quality of these
brush strokes as they are intriguing to me in that they are not overworked, they are
natural in essence.  I also enjoy using watercolor paint when painting in small format, the
immediacy of the medium and it's quick drying time allow for more en plain air

I paint because I enjoy the process.  I am interested in the way a painting evokes feeling in
the painter and then in the viewer.  My goal is to continue painting and to reach as many
people as possible with my rich and vibrant images of places, people, and ideas that have
touched my life.

Jessica Fairley  Contemporary Fine Art

Artist Statement
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